Saturday, February 11, 2006


Well, see what ya get when you complain about the weather being nice? Yep, you get walloped by the Snow Gods!

Well, we'll see. The weather people of Philly are promising a "significant-to-major" storm. (hey, did you know that they now categorize snow events from 1 through 5, just like hurricanes? Yep, they do. Of course, they say, they can't really tell what category a snow storm really is until AFTER the fact. That leaves me to ask, "then why categorize the darn things??" Geez, freaking weather people!) Anyway, the weather people of Philly are always promising me a snow storm of 6 or more inches and then down grade the darn thing about two minutes before it gets here. So, I'll believe it when I see it!

I was going to complain that the snow is happening over a weekend, thus, not allowing me a possible day off from work, but it really doesn't matter this time around, as I was let go from my job yesterday! Yep, you heard me. I'm currently jobless!

It wasn't a shock. It's not making me happy, and I really am a little ticked off (ha! Little?) but it wasn't a shock. I knew this was coming for months. I sorta alluded to it a while back, but didn't wanna blog it, as that could have caused more issues if the people at work had found my blog. So, didn't say much. But it was coming for months. And it sucks, but I am probably better off. I just need to use this time to figure out what I want to do. It might be a really good opportunity for our little family.

So see, not the end of the world. I get to spend a little extra time with my child in the coming week or so. How could that be a bad thing?

This was going to be a different post, but, obviously, things got changed-up a little yesterday. In any case, Brock and I and Steve and Kate Shier got ourselves a babysitter for our girls and headed off for a little hibachi at the local Japanese restaurant (yeah, Phoenixville has a Japanese restaurant - who would have thunk it?) and then went to see Poco play at the local theater (the Colonial...the theater The Blob was filmed at...yeah, that Blob!)

Poco was good. I knew a few more songs of theirs than I thought! They did a pretty good job! The theater was awesome...its not huge, but its a nice little venue for music - acoustically it was great! And to believe that I lived across the street from the theater for 5 years and have lived in Phoenixville for over 12 years and I never (NEVER!) stepped foot in the theater before last night!! Well, won't be the last time, I can tell ya that!

Leda and Suzanna and Jane all had a great time last night with Megan. The girls where sacked out on the couches when we got home and Leda was fast asleep in her crib. Megan seemed to have a much better time getting her to sleep this time than the last time!

Anyway, today Leda and I are on our own as Brock is working. We're gonna go buy a Powerball ticket (or two or three!) and hang out and watch some Olympics and wait for the Snow Storm of the Century! We may go stop at the pharmacy and stock up on some cold medicine as it seems our little one has a cold starting! Other than that, its going to be a little relaxing weekend, maybe play in some snow tomorrow and watch some Winter Olympics and a little NASCAR. (and we may try to catch up on General Hospital because Leda is head over heals for Robert Scorpio and she can't believe that Luke and Robert are together again! Wooo Hooo!)

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