Monday, March 6, 2006

Yates Household Update

Well, we are all (relatively) healthy again. That's a marked improvement over this time last week!

Leda's been motoring all over the house these days. She's like a little freight train - running from room to room (well, between the hallway to the bedrooms, the dining room and kitchen) and picking up whatever she wants along the way! Mostly, that's whatever we give her, as there's nothing else within her reach - except the kitchen towels, which she has taken a liking to! For whatever reason, she pulls the down from their rung and flips them over her head and around her neck...kinda like she's putting on a cape. It's quite humorous!

Another interesting thing she has been doing the past couple of weeks is carrying cans of food around the kitchen and dining room. We've taken to allowing her full access to the upper part of the house when we are up there, usually making her dinner or our dinner. It allows her the opportunity to walk around a lot more (since we "cage" her in the living room...she's got plenty of room in the living room, and it's not really a cage, so don't go calling social services on me!) Anyway, there's a shelving unit in the corner of the kitchen and the shelf she can reach contains cans of veggies that we purchase for her. They are the small cans, so they are perfect for her little hands. She loves to pick them up off the shelf and carry them around! The other day, I was making dinner (yes, don't act so surprised, I cook!) and she picked up two cans and carried them to the dining room. A few minutes later, she came back for one more. I decided to go get the two she had in the dining room and couldn't find them...she had brought them back to the shelf, replaced them there and picked up another one. It was bizarre! Never saw the kid put anything back before! ;-) Of course, 5 minutes later, I stopped paying attention for 1 minute and she sat down to eat the dog's food (which so happens to be near this shelving unit of which I speak!). Don't worry, she only got so far as to pick the food out of the dish and start to raise it to her mouth before I caught on! (the dog standing there looking very confused raised my consciousness of the situation!) Well, anyway, that was the last that she was given access to that corner of the kitchen!

Mama's favorite picture from today!

The child, she has discovered books! We've had one or two that she's carried around or chewed on and every once in awhile she'll sit still enough for a page or two of a book (mostly, she just wanted to eat the book, not have it read to her.) Well, in the past week or so, she's wanted us to page through and read the books to her. And over, and over, and over, and over again! And, of all the books we gave her (all the board books, as she loves to rip paper!!!), I mean, of all 26 books strewn all over the living room floor...only three or four does she want read to her OVER AND OVER AND OVER again! In fact, it really was one book that she wanted read to her over and over again...I think I read that book 58 times this morning. It is now hidden under the couch cushion in order to save mama's sanity! Seriously, I love that she's so interested in the books. She even gives hugs to the little boys and girls in the books! It's quite funny!

Tonight, she was playing with one of the kitchen towels in the living room. She would drape it over her head so that her face was covered with it and go running from one side of the room to the other. The extraordinary thing was she never ran into anything...we were cracking up at her and she was laughing as she was doing this, and every time she put the towel over her face, she'd run from one side to the other without running into anything! She'd whip the towel off her head and giggle at us, and throw it back over her head and head off in the other direction. It was funny, and a little weird!

Leda bled this weekend! She was walking with her sippy cup in her mouth, tripped over something and fell on the sippy cup. She cut the inside of her lip, right above her upper teeth. I was just getting out of the shower when Brock brought her upstairs to investigate the bleeding (because there was a lot, or so it seemed!) She got over it a lot faster than I did, as all I wanted to do was check to make sure she hadn't lost a tooth. I think I actually had a flash back to when I was a baby and I knocked out my bottom tooth! I was terrified my child would spend the next 8 years without a top front tooth! Well, all for not...she's fine - no lost teeth (not even loose!) And, we had our first bleeding incident and no one passed out, died or over reacted (well, I did a little, but I think I explained myself!) Oh, and we got a good look at her first molar which only broke through a little less than a week ago and is fully in now! Wow!

This will be the last week and a half I will spend with Leda full time! Mama got a job! That's right, I will be gainfully employed starting the 16th. I will be working out of the house (which is nice). I'll get into more details after I start...I have a lot of training/learning to do over the next couple of months! Today, we didn't do so much, but I think we'll be spending some time over the next week or so doing some spring cleaning of the house. We've got lots of family descending upon the house in April and a big birthday bash to plan!

Mama's second favorite picture today!

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