Saturday, March 25, 2006

11 Months!

Better late than never! I wrote this earlier today, just didn't get the chance to finish posting it until now!

11 Months today! One month to go until the Big 1!

Leda moved from infant to toddler this past month. She's been walking for over two months, but this past month, she's just looks and acts more like a toddler than an infant. She walks everywhere, she even walks in circles, stomps like she's dancing, dances! She's totally aware of her surroundings and attempts to get everywhere and anything she can! The remote and the phone are still always in her eyesight and if either becomes available to her, she's got em!
11 Months Old!
We are a gated community now! Every opening is either gated or door closed in order to keep Leda from getting into things she shouldn't. The bathroom fascinates her, and we really can't keep her out of there, since that's where she has to go to brush her teeth. She especially likes the trash can and the toilet paper roll...especially the toilet paper roll! She's fascinated by the cat, whom has made it a point to be a part of the family lately. We keep her far from Dela, who we can totally trust not to rip the kid (or the rest of the family) to shreds! One day, I will have to write about Dela!

This past month, eating has become a marathon event! The kid, she eats EVERYTHING! We are amazed at how much she eats these days. She must be going through a growth spurt because we just can't figure out where she's putting it! She loves her fruit, especially pineapples, which are a fruit we have had in our mixed fruit, but not separately until recently. She loves it! She loves black olives (but that was a given, considering the Yates family love of black's one of the things that proves she's a Yates!) She loves meat...especially hot dogs, but we actually found that she will eat chicken sticks recently! Yeah, another meat! She will eat all her meat before she'll touch a veggie...yep, another piece of proof she's a Yates! ;-)
We also gained two more teeth to eat with; two molars, one on the top and one on the bottom!! We've got two more about to come in on the other side too! Wow!

We've found out that she kinda understands "give us a kiss." If you say this, she will "hug" you! Close and very, very cute! She understands a lot of what we say now, not that she will always respond the way you expect. If you ask her to "come here," especially if she is doing something you don't want her to do, she will stop for a moment and give you a look like, "why, what for? Huh? Like, I ain't doin' anything here, just standing here looking cute. Geez, I never get to do what I wanna!" So she definitely knows when we don't want her to do something that she might be in the process of or on her way to do! Doesn't mean she'll stop though! (maybe I have an infant that became a teenager instead!!)

Leda loves to clap, especially when she's done something that we think is cute and make a fuss about it. She will reach up at you when she wants to be picked up. If she wants something that is not in her reach, she does a "gimme" gesture with her hands. She is starting to communicate with us in little ways, but it's kinda neat...when you have spent months trying to figure out what a little person needs or wants without help from said little person, it's amazing to finally get a sign from the kid to indicate what she wants! I can't wait until she can talk.

Speaking of talking, she does talk...all the time! She babbles all the time to us, to the dog, to her toys, when she goes down for a nap, when she wakes up in the morning. None of it make sense to us, but she sure does like holding conversations with herself. It's a little scary though, when the kid finally can talk to us in a language we understand, she may never shut up! ;-)

What an amazing 11 months. We've learned so much, and really, I think we learn more each month. Leda's a little person now. More so than she was two months ago, or four or six. She's got a personality that's so precious. She charms the pants off just about everyone. The next month will be amazing, to be sure, and one full of planning for a very special day 30 days from now!! Oh, and lots of family to visit with since just about the whole family will be visiting the Yates household over the next month (Not all at once, but pretty darn close! ;-) So, here we go, the countdown to ONE YEAR!! May it be as fun as the last 11!

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