Monday, March 27, 2006

Search Strings...

Okay, I've mentioned the "largest cat" searches that end up here before. Well, lately, we've had some strange ones (searches, that is) end up here. And, we still get searches for largest cat!

So, lately, we've had:

Orange Elf (???)
having fun brock one? (Totally don't get this one)
cute cyndy spit (Don't even want to know)
jones beach jimmy buffett tailgating (well, this isn't strange, but made me feel bad since we aren't going :( )
Brock Seafood (which led Brock to think he should start posting recipes)
parenthood expereince (which alerted me to the fact that I completely forgot to spell check that day!)
baby + clingy + whiny + warm (which we have had our fair share of in the past 11 months!)
brock little today (??)

Now, doesn't it make you wonder, when you do a search, how your search might look to another?? Scares the bejesus out of me! ;-)

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