Friday, January 6, 2006

Weird Site Hits...

I've got a stats meter connected to the website (that's right, I ALWAYS know how many times you have visited, Claire! ;-) hehehe. Anyway, it tells me when someone has hit, where (approximately) they are in the world, what network they hit from, etc. I have figured out most of who you are out there (Chris, you're comes up Penske! ;-)

Anyway, occasionally I get hits from a Google search. I don't usually mention this (except maybe to Brock every once in a while...some of them are just plain weird, but for the most part, not perverted!), but after seeing a hit from today, I had to mention...

This is the second time since October that I got a hit from someone Googling pictures of "largest cat." Dela is famous! Yep, because of this post where I posted a picture of the "largest cat know to man," I have gotten two hits to the website.

So, try Googling largest cat and go to page four, and scroll down toward the will find Dela in all her glory (if she ever finds out I posted that picture to the World Wide Web, she'll scratch my eyes's NOT very flattering!)

BTW, if you are the one who Googled largest cat, welcome! ;-)

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