Thursday, March 9, 2006


I am tired! It's amazing how tiring work can be when you haven't been working for a long time! I spent the day with my boss (it feels completely weird to call our friend Steve my boss) at a client at which the product the company installs was going live. It was very interesting! And tiring! But in a good way...and no, I am not saying that because it is completely possible that Steve will read this! ;-)

We had to go to Newark, NJ, which is a two hour ride easily. So up early in the morning. I had set the alarm for 6am in order to get up and get ready and, by chance, spend a few minutes with Leda before I left...she was going to day care today, so it wasn't like she was going to miss me too much, but anyway! Well, Miss Leda had other ideas! Up at 5:30 AM! Love my new alarm clock! ;-) Well, that makes for a long day! Off to Newark around 7:30am and wow, what a day! Okay, so I've had long days when I didn't get a chance to eat until I got home, but those days were SO long ago! It was actually not too bad! Learned a lot. Am looking forward to learning more (and how!)

Anyway, off until next Thur when I start in earnest. Will make sure to update everyone on what I will be doing once I get myself acclimated!

Leda also had an interesting day...she was pretty tired when I got home - she spent the day at day care and apparently is doing a little more teething today than normal...apparently decided to use two of the kids at day care as a teething ring! No one was injured for life...but our kid, she's biting! Hopefully she won't continue, however, she did try to bite me tonight too...not viciously, but probably just to teeth. Can't wait until this teething this is over! ;-)

Anyway, I know, a little disjointed tonight. I'm tired. Am going to put ER on and see if it's a new one that I will sleep through or if it's a repeat that I can turn off and go to sleep! 'Nite!

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