Thursday, January 17, 2008


A bunch of thoughts...hopefully they aren't too disjointed!

It's Snowing! Wooo Hooo! Of course, it is supposed to be getting warmer as the night goes on (weird!) and the snow is supposed to change to rain, so there will probably be no snow tomorrow when we get up, but there is about an inch on the ground now! And it was pretty. It's too dark to see it now, but it was pretty when there was light in the day! Almost forgot what snow looked like!

Potty Update - we are fully potty trained! It's amazing. In the last two or three weeks, Leda has started going to the potty all by herself (if Daddy or Mommy attempt to help, we get admonished - "I can do it all by myself, I don't need help" and we are sent packing).

Up until Sunday, Leda was wearing Pull-ups all day and night (no more diapers - wooo hoooo!) She has Dora and Tinkerbell underwear, but the pull-ups have the Disney princesses on them - Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc. Leda is very into the princesses these days, and when I suggested she wear Dora underpants instead of the princess pull-ups, chaos ensued. So, I took her shopping on Saturday to buy regular underwear with princesses on them.

We get to the underwear department and I am dejected - the only Disney Princess underwear they have are 4T - too big for Leda. Well, they do have the "Enchanted" series princesses in 2-3T (Leda's size), but they are dressed differently than the "real" princesses. And Leda ain't having it. "I want the real princesses, not those ones." Then, she spotted Elmo. "I want Elmo!" So I, she who can't STAND Elmo, grabbed the Elmo underpants, figuring that the princesses had been forgotten - nope!

I finally compromised with Leda and she got Happy Feet underwear, along with Elmo underwear, but no Princess underwear. She wore Elmo on Sunday. And she's been wearing regular underwear ever since (without accidents!) - except at night, when she still wears a pull-up. Although, at night, Leda will yell for me or Brock in the middle of the night so she can use the potty. Most mornings she wakes up to a dry pull-up. She's really got it! So cool!

Now, we just have to work on her hygiene - she doesn't quite remember to wash her hands after using the potty! Ewwww!

I am about to hit one of those milestones in age that scares the heck out of most people. I wasn't too worried about it until about a month ago. I think that was when it hit me - I'm about to turn 40, yikes! Oh, and I have a lot more gray now than I did when I turned 30. (actually, I think I might be more upset about the gray than I am about turning 40, I am just projecting)

I was much more upset about turning 30 than I am about turning 40. I think the big thing that has been turning around in my head for the past month about turning 40 is, I might actually have to be a grown-up. Even though I've been a grown-up for at least two decades (or something close to that).

In any case, I turn 40 this weekend. I get to spend it in the Poconos with my husband and child and some really great friends. Who, for my birthday, might go skiing and will NOT drag me along - they will allow me to go shop at the outlets and do things that will not probably end up in a broken leg or a skull fracture - or definitely several bumps and bruises that this old body just can't take!

Brock learned today that you don't take Leda shopping with you if you want to keep a secret!

Brock took Leda shopping with him this morning before lunch. When they came home, I left the office to see how they made out and Leda was alone in the dining room - Brock had gone down stairs. Leda looks all coy at me and says, "I bought you a birthday present!" Brock came upstairs a few minutes later and I said, "so, you bought me a birthday present, did ya?" and Brock said to Leda, "you tattletale!"

Yep, can't trust that one to keep a secret. Of course, all I know is I have a birthday present to open, I don't know what it is (yet, I've got two days to get it out of Leda! hehehe)

I was admonished today by my Sister-in-law for not posting any pictures of Leda lately. Haven't really taken any of her lately (yeah, I know, bad parent!)

I did take a picture of her last weekend when she climbed in on top of all her stuffed animals.

[tangent] This reminded me of an episode in my life that I actually remember bits and pieces of. My mother could probably remember what age I was, I don't remember that. What happened was I got in trouble and was sent to my room as punishment. Well, I got bored, so I pretended to play school (makes me think I was at least 5 or 6). Well, my chalk board wasn't big enough, so I started drawing on the wall behind my bed. At some point in time, I realized I was gonna be in some deep doo-doo - I had drawn over the whole wall! I started to pile my stuffed animals up against the wall hoping against hope that I could cover up my art work before my Mother saw it. It was in vain - I didn't have enough stuffed animals. My mother came in, saw the wall, left the room to get a camera to take a picture of it, then proceeded to punish me for being bad![end tangent]

I got to thinking, when I saw Leda lying in this pile of stuffed animals, that had I had Leda's stuffed animals, I may have avoided punishment for a few extra minutes!

Here's the promised photo(s):

Fun with stuffed Animals

Fun with stuffed Animals

We are off to the Poconos tomorrow night. Hopefully there will be more photos to post next week and my blogger's block will be cured! I'll think of something interesting to blog about! ;-)

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