Monday, January 14, 2008

There's No Crying in Football...

...but it was sure sweet to see what I saw last night!

Really, the only thing I was looking forward to in this post season (considering both the teams I wanted to root for were done for the year) was watching Dallas lose. Even if I did have to root for the Giants - that was a small amount to pay for the sweetness that was last night!

What a great 2nd half. Of course, I probably wouldn't have been saying that today if it hadn't been for the interception in the last seconds of the game by the Giants. Oh, and then, the tears. I mean, who was TO channeling last night? Was he auditioning for Jerry Macquire II? Because that was no TO that the rest of the world knows. "That's my teammate, man" - TO ACTUALLY knows what a teammate is?? Dude, that was the sweetest of all.

I am rooting for Green Bay the rest of the way. In all honesty, after last night, could care less who wins or loses, but I'll root for Green Bay because I like Farve (as long as we aren't playing him! hehe). Last night is gonna last me until well into the pre-season for 2008. Awesome!

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