Friday, June 8, 2007

iPod Nation

Well, I've entered the iPod Nation. I'm officially an owner of an iPod. I LOVE it already and I have barely scratched the surface!

I really didn't think I'd be all about this piece of technology. I'm 'old school' - I like my albums (see, I'm so 'old school', I still call them albums! Heck, I still REMEMBER albums! Oh, let's just face it, I still OWN albums!) I like my liner notes. My favorite activity after purchasing a new album (okay, CD!) is to put it in the stereo, turn it up loud and read the liner notes front to back while listening to the new music. I even do that with my old music - it's nice to get re-acquainted with an old friend once in awhile.

Over the past several years - probably due to parenthood, although I wouldn't trade it for the world - I haven't been as into my music as I used to be. The only time I really listen to music is when I am in the car. I listen to Radio Margaritaville on the Internet when working. I am not up to date on new music (really, I listen to classic rock - most of the 'new' music I hear is by 'old' bands!) I do occasionally hear something that really interests me and I have to hear more - I totally dig Joss Stone (and I am not a big R&B fan.)

In the past two months, I found an interest in getting more music into my life. Thus, I introduced myself to iTunes. I've purchased a few songs - mostly songs that I have liked over the years and don't have - Nina Simone, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (I get totally veclemped when I hear his version of Somewhere over the Rainbow, but I had to have it!), and the first Big&Rich single off the new album. I got to thinking about this iPod thing. I researched it, I thought some more.

I decided I must have one. Originally I was just gonna get one of the Nano's - nothing fancy, all I need is 4 GB, right? Then I got to talking to my sister, Aimee, and Brock can blame her for the 30 GB music/video iPod.

Oh yeah, when I fall, I fall hard!

I'm in love with my iPod. And I've only known it for a few hours. I don't know how I lived this long without one. And, why didn't they have these things back when I was in college?? Seriously, I worked at the college radio station - do you know how many albums I could have recorded to this thing?? At least double or triple the amount I copied onto cassette! Remember cassettes? Wow, how technology has changed. The freaking iPod is SMALLER than one of those tape cassettes! Mind blowing. Really!

I will still be purchasing CDs - I've gotta have my liner notes! But now, I can save them to my little iPod and take them anywhere I go! Without needing a suitcase!

Anyway, this summer you will find me spending my evenings saving music to my iPod and, if I can get my butt out of bed early enough, going for walks with my iPod playing away. It's my the-college-degree-is-almost-paid-for present to myself!

That's right, as of August, I will have paid my last installment on my College Loan. I will own my Bachelor of Arts degree outright! It's all mine! I think that's a pretty darn good reason to treat myself!

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