Saturday, June 2, 2007

Road Trip

Yes, I finally got my road trip. It wasn't too far and it didn't involve taking the kid. It did involve traveling to a client for some on-site face time, so technically it was work.

I had to drive out to York, PA to visit with a client. It just so happens that York is where I lived for 5 years while I went to college. So it was like going home for a day. I enjoyed the ride out, checking out the sites along the road I traveled back and forth on for 5 years. Wow, how things have changed. There's now a Target in the back yard of the "Real live working" Amish House and Farm attraction in Lancaster County (something a little obscene about that).

After my productive meeting with the client - who was also a graduate of York College! Small world - I headed down to the college. Now, the spring semester was finished about two weeks ago or so, so there was no one on campus. It was dead. They are building something new at the old gym building - gonna be REALLY TALL! Amazing! I got to drive the MINI through the creek (York has a creek that runs through the middle of it and you have to drive through it to get from the academic buildings side of the school to the dorm side of the school. Love that!)

I drove past the old Murphy's Study Hall (popular bar when I went to school here) and the old Depot (the other popular bar when I went to school). Murphy bought out the Depot after I graduated so it's got a new name, but same old bar!

I drove by my old apartment building, which is now owned by the school (the school used to rent out part of the complex to students when I was there) and WOW! There's now a whole "West Campus!" When I went to York, there was one campus consisting of 1 academic building that was really three buildings connected as one, a library, a gymnasium, a Student Union building and the financial and operational building. There was a dorm on the academic side of the creek and three dorns on the other side. During my tenure, they built more dorms on the academic side. That was it. Now, there's a whole 'nother campus!! Wow! I'm truly impressed.

It was neat going back and seeing everything, if only driving by it. I did get out at the school and walk through the Music Arts and Communication building - the department I graduated from got it's own building the year or two after I graduated. I found out my college adviser is now the Chair of the department! Unfortunately I didn't get to see anyone (schools out after all!) I think I might have to take a trip back in the fall and see if I can surprise anyone!

The fountain was running, but there was no soap in it! (There seemed to be soap in the fountain at just about any time during the school year when I was there!) The trees are bigger, the campus looked the same for the most part. It was kinda neat walking around the college campus with no one else around.

As I was driving around, I had a local station on (apparently the college radio station at which I worked for the entire time I was at school no longer broadcasts on the 88.1 frequency, so I didn't find it until I got home and looked it up!) and that station was doing "flash back Friday" which was a little ironic, but the worst of it was, it was flashing back to the 80s - so I got to have VIVID memories to just about every song that came on the radio as I drove around my old college town! BIZARRE!

So, after about a half hour of reminiscing and checking out the old stomping grounds, back on the road home.

The radio station stayed in range for most of the ride home, so imagine my surprise when, while stuck in traffic, I got to have a very vivid memory from my high school years - Culture Club's I'll Tumble for You came on - I could almost remember the steps from our marching band routine to that one (yes, I was a band geek and darn proud of it!)

It was a good day! I think I am good on road trips for about, oh, probably about a month, when we will be heading to NY State. Then, there will be the driving in Portland, OR, too! Can't wait (although, I am sure that Brock will be nixing the 80s flashback music!)

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