Saturday, June 2, 2007

First Friday

Last night Brock and Leda and I headed downtown for First Friday - every first Friday of the month is a big deal in our little town - the shops and restaurants all do something fun, they have music playing all up and down the street, there are street performers, lots of fun.

We hadn't been able to make a First Friday in the past two years they have been doing them - either we are too busy with other stuff, or too darn tired. Last night we decided to go down for the dedication of the "Children's Plaza" for which we bought a brick! They closed down a little one way thoroughfare that wasn't much of a big deal and paved it with bricks and put in a fountain and some benches and they will have some activities there over the summer for kids. It is a pretty nice little place.

So we went down for the dedication, and after they "opened" the plaza, the fountain was turned on and Leda needed to play in it! Luckily we kept her from getting IN it, but she had to put her hands all over the water shooting up out of the fountain! A local paper photographer took our picture - Leda touching the fountain and me holding on to her to keep her from falling in!

After the dedication, we headed over to the little sports bar and restaurant for a little dinner and lo-and-behold, our first time there, we find out it is their last night open! Apparently the owner of the building is trying to sell, so probably didn't renew the lease. That sucked!

Then, the rain came, so hurried to the car we did and headed home for bed!

This morning Brock went out and grabbed a newspaper and there we were, Leda and I, in the newspaper. We're famous! ;-)


The paper didn't have this one up online, so I had to scan it. And, it's not so flattering of me, but Leda's pretty darn cute!

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