Thursday, August 3, 2006

Duck Days of Summer

It's hot here. Darned Hot! Apparently tomorrow is going to be better than the past week, but I'll believe it when I see it.

We spent all of about 15 minutes outside tonight, and only to check out the mama duck and her ducklings in the pond! First sight of ducklings this year (and the first set of ducklings in a few years, I believe). And, I got pictures and no duckling was harmed in the taking of them!*

Click to see bigger sizes...much better viewed at largest size!
Duck Family
Duck family

And, we saw the fish...they are looking good! There are LOTS of em, too!


And then we chatted quickly with our neighbor Susy...We have a bit of a mystery around these parts...the other day, Brock found a bowl of cherry tomatoes and hot peppers left by our back door. He thanked our neighbor to one side, she said it wasn't her, he thanked the neighbor to the other side, and she said it wasn't her. So we thanked Susy tonight, and she said it wasn't her! So, we haven't a clue who to return the bowl to or to thank for the veggies and such! So, if it was you, let us know! ;-) Anyway, we chatted with Susy for about five minutes, Leda climbed all over George' tractor and we ran back inside to cool off and dry off! Man, is it HOT!


We are off to Canada for the weekend (yes, we are nuts! Didn't you already know that about us??) Gotta go hang with the One Lap group at the annual One Lap party. It will be Leda's second time out of the country (and she will be going to the exact same place she went before!) So, have a good weekend, look for Canadian/Thousand Island pictures next week, eh?

*Several years ago, Brock was mowing by the pond and scared a little duckling from his hiding place by the side of the pond. He called me, and I grabbed my camera and away I went to try and get his picture. I first (not meaning to, by they way) scared him to one side of the pond and I was actually able to get pretty close to take a good picture, and GULP! One picture I got of the duckling and the darned snapping turtle gobbled him up. One second, duckling, next, nothing...not even a feather! It was sad, I was depressed for weeks. And Brock will not let me live it down. So, it was nice to know, that this time around, I got pictures of the babies without causing their demise.

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