Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My sorry excuse of an update

I've got some cute pictures of Leda taken in the past week. Okay, so I have one or two pictures of Leda taken in the last couple of weeks! I've just been really bad about using the camera these days!

Watching TV

I have no idea where she learned this. Really...neither Brock nor I sit like this. I don't remember ever seeing anyone sit like this. She will lounge there like this while watching a little TV (it only lasts for a minute or two, because she really doesn't watch that much TV!)

Leda in a Basket

This one I took tonight. We had our next door neighbor's mother over for dinner and Leda was showing off. She emptied this basket of all her toys that are normally stored therein and sat in it. Cute, huh?

We did have fun over the past weekend. My friend Kim (Hi Kim! She comes here all the time to read, but never comments!) was in town for the weekend so we headed over to the Durhams for a visit with her and her boys, Ian and Sean. Ian and Sean had fun tossing the football, playing on the swing and swimming in the pool while the big guys watched them and the little girls and the big girls (Jenn, Karen, Kim and I) sat around having some good wine and chatting about everything. With Kim living in South Carolina, these types of nights are few and far between! It was a very nice night and we had a good time. Chris even took a picture of some of us to mark the occasion (yes, I forgot the darn camera...sue me!)


There are some more pictures from that evening that I have to get from Chris's site. I'll post them later!

On Sunday we attended Jake Foden's birthday party! Jake turned 2 on Sunday! We had a great time at Jon and Floss's playing! Jake seemed to be having lots of fun, too, and I think he got some good loot to boot! ;-) Leda had a blast!

This week is a short one for us...we are off to the Thousand Islands again! Yep, but this time, we are going to be there for a longer time! We head out tomorrow after work and don't come back until next Wednesday. Yes, that means no updates until late next week! But I do promise that I will take lots of pictures! We will be spending the weekend with Grandpa and Nana and Uncle Daniel! Uncle Daniel is bringing his new girlfriend to meet the family! We are so excited to meet her and see everyone!

So, have an EXCELLENT Labor day weekend. Hope the weather is good where you are (and where we are going!) See you all next week!

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