Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Happy Baby...Thank Goodness!

Happy baby!

Brock and I lucked out completely! We have the happiest baby we could hope for! Leda is truly a joy and seems to be a very happy child. She babbles a lot these days, and ALWAYS has a smile for us - seemingly ever moment of the day!

Of course, she has her moments...usually when she's tired or when she's hungry and we haven't produced the bottle fast enough (yes, I am sure if Leda had a blog, we'd be hearing about how we make her wait to eat ALL THE TIME!), but these moments only last for a very short time. We usually have a smiling, cooing and giggling child on our hands.

I think the thing I dreaded the most about having a child is that we'd have a baby that cried all the time. I am happy to announce that my fears are unfounded! At least, until someone at the hospital figures out that they gave us the wrong child!!

This past weekend, Leda had her first (of MANY!) trip to the book store. We headed out to Barnes and Noble on Saturday morning to purchase the new Harry Potter book! What an interesting trip. There was, of course, a long line - we had to wait to check out for about 10-15 minutes. But the curious thing was that the people waiting in line didn't seem to mind it. Everyone was up-beat and happy. Which the guy who checked me out mentioned - he wondered if it would last the rest of the day, and I wonder if it did!!

Anyway, we finally made it to the register, got our Harry Potter book (and a few others - can't go to the book store and buy just ONE book, geez!) and Leda, who up until this moment seem to be just soaking in the atmosphere, started cooing and babbling to anyone and everyone in the vicinity! It was sooooo cute! Everyone just thought she was a delight!

After our lunch and a nap, we headed off for the grocery store to buy stuff for the dinner I decided I would make for Brock, since he had to work all day in the hot and humid weather. (And, for those of you who just snickered at the thought of me making dinner...yes, I CAN cook...I just CHOOSE NOT to most of the time!!) Well, I had the happiest kid in the store. Leda proceeded to make her mommy look like the crazy lady who talks to her cats. She just cooed and giggled and made me laugh throughout the store...the looks from others were priceless! But, we had a great time shopping!

We turned 12 weeks last night and celebrated with Uncle Tommy, Aunt Tish and Granddaddy, who happened to be in town on his way home from playing with airplanes in NY ;-)

I have called you all here for a very important meeting!

We have a happy, healthy little girl who makes the sun shine, even when it isn't!

(We'll probably pay for this later! I am absolutely sure! ;-)

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