Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bad Blogger

I am really bad. I promised I would update over the weekend, didn't I? And I didn't, did I?

Well, the weekend was busy. So busy, that I forgot to take along the camera to the party at the Durhams, so there are no pictures, of anyone!

So busy that when Leda and I were "lounging by the pool" on Sunday, I didn't take the camera out to take a picture of the cutest little girl EVER!

We did have a good time this weekend. We spent most all of Saturday at the Durhams for the party. Leda and Daddy went swimming with all the other kids and daddies (funny, but I do believe that not one mother got into the pool on Saturday - on the other hand not one kid except those under the age of 4 actually came out of the pool for more than enough time to eat dinner and get back in! Hummm, interesting observation!

Anyway, it was a great time, as usual. Good food (a PIG! They got a PIG!), good drink and great friends. Leda had a blast!

Sunday, Daddy went off to get wood and Mommy and Leda filled the pool (our blow-up wading pool) and sat by it and put our toes in to keep cool. And believe me, my toes were about the only thing I was putting in the pool...well water is REALLY freaking cold! Leda did get in and splash around a bit (I can't believe she didn't turn into a brick of ice). After a while, she got out and sat in her little seat next to my seat, and put her feet up on the side of the pool (I think she was trying to get her feet into the pool like mine were! it was really quite cute!).

This week has been nice. The weather is warm to hot, but dry and not humid. We have taken walks around the neighborhood for the first time this summer (I don't know why we didn't do more walking in the spring/early summer...could be it was raining back then! It's been way to hot and humid to go walking until recently). We met a little boy who moved in the neighborhood who is exactly a week older than Leda. We played on the playground at the church and saw the new elementary school building where Leda will go to school! Tonight, we decided to walk over to the high school to see if we could watch the marching band practice.

On nice summer nights, when it is cool enough to keep the windows open, you can hear the marching band practice over at the school. In fact, you can always tell the time of the year when you can hear that! This week is the second week of "band camp" ("this one time, at band camp" - the really scary thing about that line, the only line I can remember from "American Pie", is that I think I may have used it once or twice in my lifetime!). Anyway, it flashes me back some many years ago to when I used to have to go to band camp - I get shivers and I don't think in a totaly good way either! ;-) hehehe

Anyway, so off to the high school to see what we could see and lo and behold, we find the band practicing off in a corner field. The drum corps is practicing separately at the moment and our Leda is marching and dancing to the music! I am positive my time of band camp is not completely over yet! In fact, we were trying to get her to leave and all of the a sudden the band started playing and she took off toward the music, dancing and marching her little heart out! Yep, definitely gonna be attending umpteen cavalcades and football games in my future! And, I am pretty sure the kid, she will be part of the drum corps...she likes a good beat!

Do I have pictures of my little one marching? Nope...didn't take the camera. Maybe tomorrow night! And, if you are lucky, I might even blog about it! ;-)

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