Saturday, February 25, 2006

10 Months!

Today, Leda is 10 months old! Wow!

In the past month, so much has happened. The biggest milestone is Leda is walking. Not just furniture surfing and taking a few steps between items, but full-fledged walking. No longer can we keep her contained in the walker when she wants to go places! She'll walk everywhere...can't carry her out of her room for breakfast anymore, nope, she's gotta walk out to the dining room.

Leda's spending time with other kids her age at daycare twice a week. That might grow to full weeks for a little while sometime soon. But she loves it! She loves playing with the other kids. We are pretty sure that's where she learned to walk. She's ready to get rid of most of her bottles (except for that nighttime one!) and is starting to use a sippy cup most of the time. Again, due to the influence of the little boys she hangs out with at daycare!

She has Tyler, who is about 8 months old. She bit him last week! Not hard, and she hasn't since. But, yes, we are seeing the beginning of the biting period. She tries to bite me when she's angry (which isn't too often, but it has occurred at least three times in the past month!) There's Liam, who is 18 months old and Sean who is 1 year old. Apparently, they are their own little gang!

We've been fighting a cold for the past two weeks. We visited with the Doctor this week and he said other than a little runny nose, Leda's fine. We are keeping an eye on those ears, just in case. Now, Mommy has the cold! The joys of the little germ factories! The Doctor was a little surprised by the mobility of the child! He got a sly little smile and laughed at me! "Figured you had at least 2 more months before she walked, didn't ya?" he said! Then, Leda bent over from a standing position, without holding on to anything and picked up her toy off the floor, which surprised the Doctor even more! "Wow, she's got pretty good forward balance, too!" he said. "You better get baby-proofed ASAP," he told me. Yes, we have a 10 month old who is walking around like an 18 month old!

She has a toy which the object of is to place little balls in the mouth at the top and they fall down into little buckets and spit out the holes at the bottom. She loves this toy and has been pretty good at placing the balls in the hole and loves watching them fall down the buckets. She loves books now...not necessarily to read, but to carry around and open up and close and chew on! Brock or I will read them to her but her favorite thing to do is page through them really fast, close them up and chew on the corner. Or carry it around the room! Brock asked her to point to the brown bear in one of the books the other day and she did! Brock turned to the page with the cat on it and Leda screamed, as she does when she sees Dela, the cat! She's going to probably be more intelligent than us! That could be scary! ;-)

She's just amazing. Each day she's more of a little person than a little baby. She's a bit more cuddly these days (which I love, but I am afraid when she feels better, she won't be so cuddly anymore! So I am enjoying it all I can!) She's endeared herself to everyone who meets her. She hasn't quite started talking, but she does say "da" a lot...sometimes she yells it when she's mad at Brock for leaving the room, and sometimes she says it when Duff enters the room! So, not completely sure she knows what it means yet! ;-) No "ma" yet, bummer!

I can't believe that in two short months, she'll be one year old. We already have a date for her birthday party (April 22) and are expecting lots of family as well as friends to help us celebrate. Of course, with being out of work at the moment, I am itching to start planning the party...I mean, the last time I was laid off, I had a wedding to plan! ;-) (I know, scary, huh? Don't worry, won't be as expensive or as extravagant as our wedding - not that our wedding was extravagant...oh, you get the picture!)

We are loving being parents, and are loving our little girl. She's so beautiful!
10 months old!

(if you can get past the runny nose and the drool! ;-) hehehe
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