Monday, February 6, 2006

Super Weekend

Leda and I spent the entire weekend sans Daddy...well, not ENTIRE weekend, but during the day on Sat and Sun, there was no Daddy, just Mommy and Leda!

On Saturday we hung out, took a couple naps, went to Le Target for a little shopping and then got dressed in our finest (well, not exactly, but we looked good!) and went to meet Mommy's old boss (and old just means she used to be my boss before current job...Sophie is by no means old! In fact, she looked GREAT!) for dinner.

After deciding that waiting 3 HOURS to eat at the Cheesecake Factory (!!) was ridiculous and having waited about 5 minutes for Brock to arrive (he came directly from work), we decided on a meal at the Bamboo Club next least we didn't have to wait for a table. Anyway, we had good food, good conversation and great company. And Leda behaved herself so well. She's really good at restaurants! She tried a little of my Mandarin Orange Shrimp and she seemed to like it. Then, she sucked on a lemon! Believe it or not, the kid seemed to like sucking on a lemon! She's her Daddy's daughter! (of course, we won't be letting that happen too often.)

Home went and to bed Leda went (only a half hour late!). She didn't sleep too well Saturday night (she had a couple talking to herself spells). But she did let Mommy sleep until 7:30 Sun morning!

Up we got and we had breakfast, a little hangin' out, watchin' a little SoapNet (Leda's gotta keep up on what's happenin' on One Life and All my Children...she's just not right if she doesn't know what's going on!) and checking out our new Big & Rich CD. Leda was having a great time dancing around with Mommy...she clapped for the first time this weekend, and I think she might have some rhythm! ;-)

We had a little Springsteen for lunch then we had a nap and then off to the Durham's for the Super Bowl. Daddy got there not too long after we did.

Leda's been walking for a couple of weeks now. But only about 8 steps at most before landing on her butt. But then again, we have SO many toys in the living room that it's hard for her to make it far with out tripping on something or finding something more interesting than whatever she saw on the other side of the room. Besides, our living room isn't THAT big.

Well, over at the Durham's in their room above the garage, where we sat to watch the game (Brock's pretty depressed about the Steeler's winning...well, he was for about two minutes last night, I think he's over it now!) Leda had LOTS of room to move, and BOY did she. I practically broke down in tears watching my daughter walk around the room! She was pretty good at it! She's getting so big!

And, then, my daughter danced and clapped to the Rolling Stones! Yep, she's definitely her mother's daughter!

Home to bed, only an hour late to bed and no bath. And, she didn't sleep all that well last night either. Don't know if she's just restless or what, but the past two nights she spent some time talking and playing in the middle of the night! Hope she grows out of that pretty quick!

Although they are exhausting, I enjoy these weekends for just Mommy and Leda. Of course, I'd enjoy them lots more if she'd sleep past 8! ;-)

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