Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bagpipes put Leda to sleep!

Yesterday Leda and I met Aunt Rachel, Caelan, Tristan, Granddad and Fay at the Valley Forge Scottish and Irish Music Festival to see Uncle Nick's band, Rathkeltair, play. We walked around and saw all the wares that were being sold, danced around to other bands playing and ate some and Mommy had a Guiness! By the time Nick's band went on (around 2), Leda was tired. She had tried to run away from Mommy (she wanted down on the ground, put her down and boy did she start to go...started walking right away from me!) and she was dancing around to the bagpipe bands (she's told Daddy she wants to play the bagpipes when she's a bit older! ;-)

So, when she curled up in Granddad's lap and the band started playing, she just fell asleep. To bagpipes! That's my girl!

Leda sleeping to Rathkeltair's playing

The band was great! It was great to see Nick playing again. I, of course, purchased their new cd! Was hoping they would be around again up here soon, but it seems that they may go on hiatus for awhile as Neil (the lead singer and pipes player) is being called up and will be heading for Baghdad in the next couple of months! Hopefully he'll keep his head down and stay out of trouble over there.

Rathkeltair at Valley Forge Scottish & Irish Music Festival

Caelan and Tristan had fun, too! (at Rachel's expense! hehehe) Tristan is like the energizer bunny...he keeps going and going and going...he's one energized little boy! Caelan was having fun dancing around to his Daddy's music and he really was excited to see his Daddy. And Leda had fun hanging with her cousins!

Anyway, it was a good day. We had fun. Leda was exhausted from the fun we had at the festival that she went to bed a half hour early and slept an hour late! wooo hooo for Mommy! I think we'll have to head back to the festival the next year...Leda loved it!

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