Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend Recap (or Leda decorates a Christmas Tree)

Wow, two weeks in a row only two posts. Gotta get better than that!

This past weekend was a busy one! Friday night we headed over to the Shiers for the weekly get-together-for-dinner-so-the-kids-can-play-with-one-another-and-the-adults-can-have-adult-conversations or whatever we have been calling them - really, just a way for us parents to gather our children in one house and ignore them for a few hours! ;-)

Leda discovered a rocking horse which she just thought was awesome!

Leda and the Rockin' Horse

Saturday found us cleaning the house, readying it for putting Christmas decorations up and laying down our new carpet in the living room.

New Carpet!

We purchased the new carpet in the beginning of November, picked it up two weeks ago and finally found time to lay it down on Saturday. This is a big deal as we got a good carpet - plush and soft - AND padding for it! Leda has already tested it out several times and the "thud" is much less noticeable now!

Also, Aunt Claire was coming for a visit!! Claire was in NYC this weekend with her friend Angela and the two of them drove down to see us Saturday night. We headed over to the Fitzwater Station for a great dinner and the girls headed home. It was a quick visit, but we were happy to see Claire for what little time we got!

Leda and Auntie Claire

On Sunday, I made my annual get-up-early-on-a-Sunday-in-December-and-go-Christmas-shopping-while-everyone-is-at-church trip. Leda helped by waking up at 6:30, so I was out the door and at the mall by 8am. Got my coffee and off I went. 4 hours later, I was done my Christmas shopping for 2006. Woo Hoo! (well, not exactly, but the rest is easily done online!)

Sunday afternoon found us finally decorating the tree we purchased a week ago! Granddad and Fay came over to watch and help and Leda enjoyed pulling things out of boxes. She loved the balls - she would point and say "ball" then pick it up and throw it! Yes, I am REALLY glad we put down that new carpet with padding! Saved that Waterford glass ball for another year!

Christmas tree 2006
Christmas Tree in Natural State

Christmas Tree 2006
Christmas Tree Decorated!

Nothing broke and we had the tree decorated in time for dinner. We all had a great dinner while watching the Eagles beat the Giants (not gonna get my hopes up - been here before, not even going to mention the "P" word!).

Leda and Granddad

All in all, it was a great weekend. We are really looking forward to heading to NY to spend Christmas with Brock's Dad and visit with some friends in the area. I think Leda's gonna have a blast!

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