Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekend Recap

What a busy weekend we all had. Friday night we headed over to the Durhams to help Paige celebrate her 3rd birthday! Leda had fun playing with the kids and watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman with Sydney and her Daddy, John.

John Leda and Sydney, watching Rudolph

On Saturday, we went hunting for a Christmas Tree. This year there was no snow, but the wind was cold and we had to go to a far away field on a hill to find a tree. Luckily it turned out okay, but got me thinking about getting an artifical tree here soon. Don't know if I will breakdown and do it or not. Gotta say, the smell of pine really makes me re-think the idea and I think we will head out again next year to cut one down!

Huntin' a tree

Saturday afternoon we all packed up and Leda headed over to our neighbors for the night and Brock and I headed down to Atlantic City for my company holiday party at the Borgata. Very nice place and we had a blast! Dinner was at Wolfgang Pucks and the food was great - the drink just kept a pouring, so I was pretty hungover the next day, but I am pretty sure I behaved myself! Best part of the night, when, during dinner, as the rockin roll played in the backgound, the Eagle's "Take it Easy" came on and our whole group (about 20) broke out in song. Easily the most fun I've had at a company party in a very long time! We didn't gamble, but had a great night just the same.

Yesterday was for recovering - Brock and I from a late night and Leda from having way too much fun with the McCartheys!

And, let me say, I am SO lovin' my camera! Takes awesome pictures!


Leda being Leda

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