Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

For some reason, this past weekend, I really didn't feel much like blogging. Not much like elaborating upon what we did each day. I felt like relaxing and enjoying what we were doing (or not doing) and not worrying about blogging it.

We had a great time. We really enjoyed ourselves this weekend. It was kinda nice to see lots of snow (probably six inches) and keep ourselves warm inside with family. It was nice to enjoy Grandpa and Nana Pam and Great-Nana Rose and Aunt Stacy and Uncle Todd and Uncle Dan and Aunt Maggie.

Leda had a great time playing and showing off for the adults. She was the center of the universe this weekend and she pretty much knew it! She enjoyed it to the hilt. She dressed up in her Tinkerbell and Snow White outfits and pranced around on Thanksgiving. She had books for Grandpa to read to her. She played with all her toys.

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner. Nana Pam made an awesome turkey and my pies didn't turn out too darn bad...Thanks to Mom for the great pie crust recipe (although I used Apple Cider Vinegar instead of White Vinegar because we couldn't find the white vinegar...not that it matter much, the pie crust was a hit!). Stacy made my favorite corn pudding and the most awesome (but deadly!) mash potatoes EVER! There is nothing in the world that could not be made better with a pound of butter and a pound of cream cheese!

On Friday we relaxed...pretty much did nothing all day long. Which was SO nice. We napped in the afternoon and when we awoke, Uncle Dan and Aunt Maggie were here. And we had a great afternoon with them and then a nice relaxed dinner. And there was more pie!

On Saturday we relaxed...are you getting the pattern here? Brock made everyone a little breakfast on Saturday morning and we hung out and talked and relaxed and then around lunch time Aunt Stacy and Uncle Todd took Great-Nana Rose home to her place and Uncle Todd caught an airplane ride home. We were sad to see both of them go! Uncle Dan and Aunt Maggie and Brock and Leda and I and Grandpa went up to visit Grandma Sally's grave and put flowers on her and Great-Grandparents Kingsley's graves. It was kinda nice in the snow (but it always seems we when we visit there is always snow!)

Saturday evening was an evening of leftovers and very old Trivial Pursuit. We had a great time playing the game all evening, but the questions were really odd and really old (being as the game came out in the early 1980s!) It was fun, we laughed and had a grand ole time! We even kept Aunt Maggie up past her bedtime! ;-)

Sunday was the day we were coming home. We went out for a little breakfast and then packed up the car, took pictures with Grandpa and Nana and Uncle Dan and Aunt Maggie and headed home. The car ride home wasn't all that much precipitated all the way home! It was snowing when we left New York and was raining the rest of the way home through Pennsylvania! It pretty much sucked! But Leda had fun watching Sleeping Beauty twice and Aladdin once! And even got a little nap in while she was at it!

Uncle Dan, Leda and Aunt Maggie

Grandpa, Leda and Nana

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Sad to leave our wonderful family, but happy to be home. And not too happy about having to go back to work! The coming weeks we'll get ready for Christmas! We'll be home again this year (no more vacation time) and are looking forward to having a nice relaxing Christmas season. Guess we'll get those lights up next weekend!

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