Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Musings....

I have a feeling this month's posts will not stray far from the Christmas Theme! Sorry!

Just a few thoughts about Christmas...or the month of December....

1. How come you can always find tape any other month of the year, but come December, when you REALLY need it, it is either completely gone, hidden, lost, etc? I always have to buy more! And then, somewhere around June, I will find a HUGE stash of tape, that I will put in a place that I THINK I will remember come time to wrap Christmas think I know where that place is??? NO!!! Unless it's Target where I will be headed tonight!

2. On the other hand, I have more wrapping paper than I know what to do with. I will not need to purchase wrapping paper at Target! Well, except for the roll that will be used to wrap Santa's presents to Leda because Santa can't POSSIBLY have the same wrapping paper as me! He doesn't shop at the same Target!

3. Each year gets harder and harder...the first couple of years of Leda's life (my goodness, I make it sound like she's 15!) I could go shopping for her Christmas presents with her in the same, I have to make sure I hide everything well...the kid's crafty! Will need safe as hard to crack as Fort Knox to hide presents in by the time she's a teenager!

4. Since when is the Lucy and Linus Theme a Christmas song. I've heard it played on the All Christmas All the Time radio station three times in the past two days! Don't get me wrong, I so bop my head to it each time it comes on...and Leda LOVES it. I just didn't realize it was a Christmas song!

That's it for now. Just some thoughts I've thought in the past couple of days. Not the only ones, just the Christmas Theme ones! ;-)

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