Sunday, December 21, 2008

Very Busy Weekend Before Christmas

Well, this was a busy weekend. I get to relax (sorta) and it's late on a Sunday evening...not much relaxing going on here!

We made cookies, decorated cookies, made more cookies, finished our shopping, wrapped the last of the gifts, cleaned house, decorated cookies, decorated the tree...had Granddad and Fay over for dinner and decorated cookies! Whewww! Lots of decorating going on!

Oh, and we wished Aunt Aimee a very Happy Birthday! (well, at least Mama and Daddy did...Leda wasn't in the talking mood!)

But we are now done. We can relax and enjoy the last three days before Christmas! Well, except for the planning and shopping for our Christmas dinner! ;-)

Some scenes from our busy weekend before Christmas....

(clockwise from top: Snickerdoodles, Split Seconds (with added sprinkles per Leda), Gingerbread Men, and Chocolate Chip Cookies (with DARK chocolate chips! Yummmm!)

New Penguin Ornament

New Wine Glass Ornament

Leda's 2008 Ornament

Other New Penguin ornament!

Not a very good picture of the Finished Tree!

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