Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's in the Genes...

The ability to, come December, attempt to purchase EVERY SINGLE THING the child puts on her Christmas list.

I've already purchased way too much from Daddy and Mommy and I haven't even attempted to figure out what she is going to ask Santa for!

Since Brock is off to a automobile thingy show for the rest of the week, I was with the kid all day today. And since I was so fortunate to schedule a dr. appt on the same day he leaves, and it's not a day when she is at day care, I need to take her along with me! Lovely! (Just a note about my child - she is absolutely the most perfect child! She was the BEST kid today...she really helped me out. I am sure this means that by Friday, I will be wishing I had kept my mouth shut about how good she was today!)

Anyway, she announces to the nurse at the drs office that Santa is going to bring her a Prince for her Cinderella, a horse and carriage for her Cinderella and lots of dresses for her. Well, this is news to me! And, the kid isn't talking about the Barbie size Cinderella I purchased for her for Christmas either! She's talking about the little Cinderella's with the rubbery clothes that her father and I hate so much!

So, I got to thinking, maybe I should purchase the big Prince Charming and Horse and Carriage for the Barbie size Cinderella and have that be her present from Santa.

So I'm searching and I find just about everything...then I started to think...the kid isn't visiting Santa until next Monday. By then, she'll be planning to ask Santa for a set of WWF wrestler dolls and a ring for them to fight in (no, I don't let my child watch WWF...she has no idea what that is and I intend to keep it that way...I'm just being sarcastic here...about her wanting the dolls...oh, whatever!)

I think I will hold off on the present from Santa until I hear her ask him specifically for it. Let's just hope it is something I can get in the less than two weeks before Christmas that I will have at that moment!

Of course, I will probably just get the darn Prince, horse and carriage for the kid. It's hard for me not to over shop for the kid, I inherited the gene for Christmas overdoing it from my Mother! And I love it!

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