Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This is a word I would like struck from the English vocabulary. I would like it to be abolished completely, never to be heard again!

If someone had told me that the "Threes" would be the year of "WHY?" I might have made reservations on a deserted island for the year. Every time I tell Leda to do something, not do something, or she asks for something or she asks a question, and I answer, the next question is always "WHY?"

No Leda, you can't have any desert because you didn't eat your dinner. Why? (well, let's see, BECAUSE I ALREADY TOLD YOU WHY!)

No Leda, you can't swing anymore because we have to go take your bath. Why?

Leda, come with me so we can go play. Why?

Everything is WHY!

I love her to death, I really do, but the question Why? DRIVES ME NUTS!

Probably because I sound just like my mother did after the 1 billionth Why of the day...Because I said so! That probably drives me crazy more than the question! UGGGGGGHHHH!

Sorry Mom! ;-) (of course, she's probably getting a REAL kick out of this post!)

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