Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Weather Ate My Post...

Ha, no, but the weather knocked out our electricity for about five-six hours last night, so I couldn't write and post a blog like I promised! Here's what I wrote by candlelight last night.

I promised a blog and a little power outage ain't gonna stop me! Well, it can't stop me typing my post by candlelight to be posted when there is electricity to log onto the Internet. Funny thing about wireless routers, they need to be plugged in to work!

So, I find myself sitting here, by candlelight, in my bed, with my windows open (because that thunderstorm that knocked out our electricity, well it was a doosy and our electricity has been out for about an hour now, but it also knocked the heat right out of here - cause, man, it was DARN hot these past couple of days. I have a picture I took of our weather station that showed the outside temp at 100.5 degrees today! See:


I'm telling ya, it was hot!)

Anyway, back to my open windows, watching the traffic roll by and listening to the next thunderstorm rolling in, typing on my lap top and I am thinking, this is a little weird - I think it's the age, it's different now than when we were kids - if the electric went out, you played with the flashlights (maybe a little flashlight tag) and found other things to do in the dark (like read a book by candlelight) but now, we hope that our cells are charged and that our big screen tvs are unplugged and wonder if we can log onto the Internet to find out what is going on out there! I mean, because we need to know, we are so reliant on electricity for our connection to the world.

Our neighbors, the McCarthys, invited us over after work today to soak in their pool. Actually, Leda and Brock headed over a little after 4 while I had to finish work before I could relax. So we are sitting there very comfy in the pool around 6 or so, wondering what we are going to do for dinner and we all decided to do a little dinner together. So Brock headed home for our contribution and Lisa and John got the grill going and started the chicken and their friend Loraine ('Rain, Leda calls her) came over and we all sat around and had a little conversation while dinner was cooking and Leda was off trailing after Connor (their youngest and only son - he's gonna be 13 this year and Leda ADORES him!)

We knew the storm was coming, but luckily we were able to eat dinner before it really started - the wind was blowing something fierce - it was a little scary there - we grabbed everything we could and headed into the house for cover. The lights at our house and the McCarthy's had been off and then on and then off a few times, but by the time we headed into the house, they were on....for about two minutes, then out for good! We sat by candlelight and talked and watched the dogs run around together and Leda, again following Connor everywhere. The storm didn't last but 10 minutes, but it was a good one.

When it calmed down, Brock took Duff home and came back and we sat around for a little while longer until the next storm looked like it was making its way toward us, so we packed it in and headed on across the creek to home. That was about 8:30 and Leda was a little disappointed to learn that she wasn't going to get any books read to her tonight! Open all the windows and light some candles, let Leda brush her teeth by candlelight and off to bed she went and here we are, still wondering what the heck is going on out there at 9:15. Lots of fire sirens and police sirens can be heard, but not sure what is happening, other than there are probably some trees down somewhere.

Brock finally went and grabbed my grandparents old radio (which I believe is stuck on KYW 1060, the all news AM station in Philly as that is the only channel that has ever been tuned to on this radio in 25 some odd years!) and we are listening to the news to see if anything is happening. Just a lot of wind damage (man, it really did whip it up out there just before the rain hit!) and trees down and a little flooding, nothing major (or out of the ordinary for a pretty intense storm).

It was just after I wrote that last paragraph that Leda came in with me to our bed to see if I could get her to go to sleep. She wasn't afraid or anything, but with all the noise of the cars outside the house and the fire sirens, she wasn't gonna get to sleep fast. She and I played learning our ABCs on my computer for a little while until I got tired enough to go to bed early (around 10), so I sent her back to her bed and then both she and I fell asleep for the night.

Well, until a little after 12 when the electricity came back on and Brock and I jumped out of bed to turn off the lights we had left on and the air conditioner in our room!

It was an interesting evening. It was even more interesting in the light of day - our little town got hit pretty good - trees down and roads closed and even a house around the corner got a tree come down on it! We got lucky, no damage whatsoever (well, except maybe a bean plant that may have been killed by a small branch that came down in my garden.) But our area is in clean-up mode. Brock even headed over to our daycare to help them clean up the downed tree branches today.

At least the heat is gone! Wooo Hoooo!

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