Thursday, April 6, 2006

The first need for antibiotics...

Well, we have (are) experienced our first ear infection! It's not bad, but bad enough that Leda's had a fever for two days, has been miserable (on and off...I have to say, she deals with being sick much better than her daddy or I ever do!) and, on top of that, she's got two more molars coming in.

The molars are the reason why we didn't do anything right away...the fever appeared on tue evening, but we knew that the teeth were coming in. So, we just assumed that the fever was because of the teeth.

When she woke up this morning with a temp over 102, Brock called the doc and took her in for a little looksee. Turns out, just a little infection. So, we have some amoxicillin for the infection.

She's a little lethargic, a little tired. Hopefully the temp will be down soon and she'll be back to her usual happy little self tomorrow!

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