Monday, April 24, 2006

This space is DYING for an update...

And boy, does it need it!

Let's see, in the past two and a half weeks we have entertained the Lillys by taking them to Philly for a day, drove to Wash DC area and visited with friends Dave and Judy in the morning, met up with the rest of the Yates family and headed over to the Wendels for Easter dinner, spent a day touring the Capital Building and the Supreme Court, ate a little Asian Fusion for dinner, toured the Air and Space Museum, saw Monets, Manets, Renoirs, etc at the National Art Gallery, saw the Hope Diamond at the Natural History museum, drove home, cleaned house, had Lillys and Sweats for dinner, then made sure the Lillys made it to the airport on time, entertained the Sweats for dinner and then had 40+ of our closest friends and family over for a party to celebrate Leda's First Birthday...Whew!

We had a lot of fun along the way. We took lots of pictures (of some of the stuff (Wash DC, not so much of some other stuff (Leda's birthday party)! We expect lots of pictures to be sent to us by others to fill in the gaps! ;-)

We really had a great two weeks, albiet, exhausting. During this time period, Leda decided that a one to two hour interlude around 1 or 2 in the morning was a good idea, so some of us haven't been sleeping too well, and, on top of that, developed a nasty cold. Thus, the silence on the blog...just haven't had the energy (much less time!)

Will get into our adventures over the past couple of weeks in the next couple of days. Will address to major milestones in the next two posts, so you will just have to wait on our DC trip! Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge! ;-)

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