Saturday, July 19, 2008

Movie Morning

I did a few things this morning that I haven't done in a really long time...1) I went to a movie. A real live movie, in a real live movie theater, one that smelled like buttered popcorn (do theaters smell like anything but?). 2) I went alone.

Yesterday I decided that I needed to go see a movie and since there was no babysitter lined up, I told Brock I was going to take off for a few hours and go see a movie by myself. Hey, he gets to go racing next weekend, I deserve a few hours of fun myself.

And there's only one movie I have been dying to see. And I really wanted to see it on the big screen (and not my tv!) So I went to see Sex and the City. And it was a great time!

I've never been to a movie so darn early in the day - I went to a 9:10 AM showing. I was the only one in the theater. That was SO cool! I had it all to myself. It was awesome.

The movie, well, I loved it. I had one little issue with it, but it really wasn't enough for me to not love the movie. I kinda wish I had watched Sex and the City when it was on HBO (but I was too cheap to pay for HBO). I really like the show and I really was looking forward to this movie and it didn't disappoint me one bit.

I'm not going to analyse it or give any review other than I loved it. That's it. Well, except that I really wish now that I had a designer something or other! But I am sure I will get over that sooner or later!

After the movie, I headed across the parking lot to Target (oh, yes, that haven of the best designers!) and did a little shopping - a pillow, a set of sheets, a little something something for Leda and some nail polish. Hot pink with sparkles. Then I came home, gave Leda her little gift, got her down for a nap and went and painted my nails (toes and fingers) with hot pink with sparkles nail polish. I don't think anyone will be mistaking me for Carrie Bradshaw any time soon, but for a little while today, I got to spend a little time catching up with her and her girls and for the rest of today, when I'll look at my nails and see the hot pink, I'll remember my great movie morning.

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