Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Done With You

We have some rules at dinner time. If Leda wants to get down from the table, she is to ask please. And, she has to wait until everyone at the table is done. In fact, all of us have to wait until everyone is done. Else, how do you think we would be able to enforce this to Leda!

Brock has a few other rules he'd like Leda to follow, like using her utensils to eat, rather than her fingers. But we aren't too worried about that just yet - she's getting the hang of it, slowly! (Okay, I'm not too worried about it yet! If you've never seen Brock get all in a tizzy about something, you should come sit with us at dinner time! ;-)

Anyway, she usually will say, "I'm done, can I get down please?" She will usually check to see if we are done ("Mommy, are you done yet? Daddy, are you done yet?) Usually SEVERAL times!

Tonight, Brock finished eating and Leda asked him if he was done and he said he was and she replied, "I'm done with you, Daddy." To which I asked her, "are you done with Daddy or are you done with your dinner?" The answer, "I'm done with Daddy. May I get down please?"

Okay, we thought it was a little funny. I mean, we realize that she was telling us that she was done her dinner, like her Daddy was, but it was pretty funny how she put it! Considering Daddy just got home from being away for 5 days! The things that kids say!

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