Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This One Time, at Band Camp

For those of you reading who actually went to band camp with me, I am not spilling secrets, so calm down! ;-)

No, instead, I am referencing a quote from the movie American Pie - the one the Michele character started every story she told with. I was trying to find a clip of it but I couldn't find anything that was at least PG rated, so if you don't know what I am talking about, sorry!

Any way, I reference this quote because my daughter, she is so channeling this character!! Every time she starts to tell us something, like what she did at school or what she did down the shore or any story, it so sounds like "This one time, at band camp..." I swear, she has even started stories with "This one time..." Of course, she hasn't been to band camp - yet!

It's really kinda funny. There is a small part of me that cringes a little though, because I was like this in high school....oh heck, I'm like this now...and I know it must be pretty annoying to my friends and family sometimes. I just hope she doesn't ever feel like she is a geek, like I did.

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