Sunday, July 27, 2008


Leda and I were on our own this weekend. We had a little summer company party to go to yesterday at the Shiers where we swam and ate and had a good time hanging out with the people Mommy works with and their families.

We had to go out and do a little shopping in the morning - we needed to find some floaties for Leda as she really is doing well swimming with just the floaties on her arms. We went to Target and they didn't have any so we ended up at the local pharmacy (that has EVERYTHING you could ever need) and we finally found them there.

Since we were doing a lot of driving around (well, to Target and back), we were in the car for a little while. Leda started to ask me for something from the back seat, but I couldn't hear what she was saying. Well, better yet, I wasn't SURE what she was saying. It sounded more like baby talk than toddler talk!

After a few times repeating it, Leda finally yelled, "I want the ooka ooka song." Ahhh, finally I get it...Hooked on a Feeling, as done by Blue Swede. That song starts off with the "ooka shaka" chant. The same chant used by the Ally McBeal show when the little dancing baby came on! Yeah, that one.

Any way, it turns out, this is Leda's favorite song now. I had downloaded it off iTunes on to my iPod. I had played it a few times. Leda loves it. So much so that she wants it played several times in a row! She'll dance in her seat when I play it in the car!

So, if my kid asks you for the ooka ooka song, you now know what to do!

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