Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Grandma came to visit

Grandma came to visit for a little while yesterday on her way to a client site. We were so excited and happy to see her, even if for only a few hours and a dinner!

Leda and Grandma

Leda was a little too interested in the TV during the photo session!

Leda and Grandma and Daddy got to spend a few hours together and when I finished work (well, took a break for dinner! Very busy work day yesterday afternoon!), we had dinner and then Grandma had to head west to central PA for work! Short and sweet, but good to see her!

Looks like we are expecting some snow tomorrow - hey, did you hear, my mother is in the area!* ;-)

*For years, when my mother would come to visit, just about EVERY time she did (in winter months) it snowed! It was so bad that even my friends call and ask if my mother is in town when we get a snow storm! ;-)

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