Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I got caught last night.

I started watching that Dancing with the Stars while feeding Leda her dinner bottle two years ago. I watched the first season, maybe a show or two of season two and pretty much none of season three.

But when I heard that Apolo Ohno was going to be on season four, I had to watch. I could care less about the other 10 contestants - I'm all about Apolo!

I don't think I would have ever given short track speed skating a chance had it not been for Ohno in 2002. Wow, what a fun sport. And I think he's hot!

So, last night, I had Dancing with the Stars on while I was reading my book (another post for another time!) and waiting for Apolo to dance. Of course he had to be last!

Turns out, he's training for this show WHILE training for Worlds. Love it!

So, back to getting caught. So after the show is over, I debated with myself for about 5 minutes and apparently the really strange me won - off to the computer we went and onto abc.com to vote for the very first time in any of these reality tv shows. Yes, I voted for Apolo. Yes, I used all 12 of my votes for him!

While sitting in my dark office, voting for Apolo, Brock comes around the corner and catches me.

I'll never live it down. I know it. I also know that I'll be voting for Apolo next week, too! ;-)

Oh, but wait! Did I ever tell ya how much Brock wanted to see Kelly Monaco every week the first season? I wouldn't be surprised if he even voted for her once or twice! He LOVED her!

Hummm, guess I might be able to live it down after all!

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