Monday, March 12, 2007

Potty Time!

Leda has become increasingly more interested in the toilet, especially since her bout with the stomach flu (or whatever it was!) That was because Brock thought it was important to teach her how to pray to the porcelain god when she needed to get sick - and, she actually did get sick in the toilet once or twice out of the hundreds of times she got sick that week, so it wasn't for naught.

And she's been a little bit more forth coming with us that she has a messy diaper - she still says no sometimes if you ask her, but she has begun to tell us on her own when she has a messy diaper, so that's a good sign!

So, I took her out this weekend to buy a potty to train with. I hadn't a clue which would be better, one of those actual pottys, the ones that are at their level that eventually you can use as an insert in the adult toilet and use the bottom (after cleaning and disinfecting it, of course) as a step stool. Or should I just get one of those insert ones and just have her learn to go on the regular toilet.

Well, as I was looking at the box of the actual potty, Leda, Dora and Boots made the decision - the insert potty with Dora and Boots on it - Leda, in the store, pointing, "Dora, Boots, BaPak (Backpack)! Dora Boots, BaPak!" Decision made.

So, we brought it home and after Leda's nap on Saturday, I showed her what to do. We actually put the potty on the toilet, put our step stool in front, climbed up, pulled down our pants, took off our diaper and sat down. Leda didn't do anything, but she did seem to understand that after a few seconds or so, you had to do something with that paper stuff that hangs on the roll, so we had to wipe and then we flushed.

We tried it again twice on Sunday, once to show Daddy our new potty.

Tonight, just before bed time, Leda headed upstairs, straight into the bathroom. Brock followed her and I heard him ask her if she needed to go potty, she said okay (because she doesn't really say yes, she just agrees with you or says no!) Apparently she went right into the bathroom and started to assemble her potty.

So Brock went through the motions - we figure we should every time she says she needs to go just so she gets used to it - and the next thing I know, we are congratulating our child who has just actually gone "tinkle" in the potty!

And I can't believe I am, but I am actually welling up at the thought that my child actually went tinkle in the toilet. Next thing I know she'll be out on a date with some guy who wears leather, has piercings in places I don't even want to know about and who's name is Spike.

I am so proud!


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