Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I'm getting antsy to start my garden this year. I'm ready to get out in the garden, get things planted and start using the herbs and tomatoes and stuff! I also have a new fountain feature I am itching to start using! Yes, I am impatient for spring! Goodness knows that we'll probably have a noreaster blow through next week or the week after that (I'm off to Boston for training the last weekend of the month...expect nor'easter to hit that weekend!)

Any way, we did start some of our seeds two weeks ago (well, within the past two weeks) and we already have tomatoes (Roma), cilantro, tarragon, serrano peppers, hybrid hot peppers (from last year - they were good and hot - guess we'll see what we get this year!) and habenaros! We've also got basil, parsley and chives growing, too. If all goes well, I should be able to make my "world famous" salsa from scratch! ;-)

We plan on planting green beans as soon as the last frost is gone - I guess that's mid May - maybe sooner? I guess I should find out when that is! And we've got sunflowers to grow too, but just for show - they are the small hybrids, not for seeds.

Not sure what else I might attempt this year. I think this is plenty - I've never tried Roma tomatoes before or green beans. The peppers should be pretty easy, we've grown the serranos and the hybrids before. The herbs will be great! I've been thinking of maybe trying cucumbers as they are well liked in this house! I'm just afraid to bite off more than I can chew - we are going larger with the garden this year and I hope we can keep it going all summer and not kill anything!

In any case, I am really ready to get outside. This is the time of the year I start getting cabin fever...I am ready to get the heck out of this house and start living outside. I'm so ready for spring! It can't get here soon enough!

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