Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

This morning the Easter Bunny left some stuff for Leda and she "loves it!" We had a breakfast of pancakes and bacon and then Leda and I watched Mary Poppins together. Well, I watched Mary Poppins, Leda occasionally veered off to play, but usually came back for the song scenes. I think she liked it a little. It might be a couple years until she really likes it - she's now watching Cinderella, her "most favorite movie!"

Easter 2008


Yesterday morning Leda and I went shopping. I asked her if she wanted to get all dressed up for the Easter Egg Hunt and Dinner at the Shier's and she said yes. I asked her what she wanted to get to wear and she replied "a dress!" So, off to Target we went to get a dress for Leda!

We found a very pretty brown dress with pink polka-dots on it and a pair of brown and pink Mary Jane's to wear with it. I got her some pink tights to wear as well and off for home we went. After some lunch, in to bed for a nap Leda went and when she woke up, we put her into a bath to clean up. She wasn't happy about that for some reason.

See, seems the child woke up in a grumpy mood. I thought it was clearing up after the bath...I put my makeup on as Leda bathed and when I was done, I cleaned her hair. At that point, Leda looked at me and said, "What did you do?" and I told her, "I put makeup on for the party." I was promptly told, "Take it off. I like you without makeup!" Well, so much for looking good! (I did leave the makeup on!)

So out of the bath we came and into the bedroom to put on our nice new that moment, Leda informed me that she didn't want to wear the dress. The nice new dress we just bought a few hours earlier...the one she said she wanted to get! So crying, whining child is FORCED into the dress (no child was hurt for the writing of this blog) and the tights and it comes time to put the brand new shoes on....The crying gets worse. "I want to wear my Dora shoes! WHAAAAAA" So I let her put on the dirty nasty sneakers that she wears every single day!

So, still whining and crying, the child shows her Daddy her outfit and there is some discussion about the shoes, and I finally give her a compromise she can live with...wear the new shoes until after the Easter Egg Hunt and then you can put on the Dora shoes....into the brown shoes she went and boy, was she cute! (BTW, the Dora shoes were not thought of for the rest of the day/night!!!)

Easter Hunt 2008

Easter Hunt 2008

So off to the Easter Egg Hunt we, what fun the kids had! Paige and Sydney were there, and the Shier girls, Suzy and Jane and the Allen kids, JJ and Taylor and Michael from down the street and Nathan from next door! They had a blast finding the 275 eggs that Miss Kate packed with goodies and hid all over the neighborhood! Leda was just beside herself with all the candy she got!

Easter Hunt 2008

We had an awesome time hanging with good friends and having good food and drink. The kids played beautifully together and let us have a wonderful meal without being accosted! ;-)

It's been a lovely Easter weekend. I'll spend some time this afternoon transplanting some of the seedlings into bigger pots (they are getting big!) and doing laundry! And maybe a little cleaning up around the house. It's too cold to go outside, so it's an inside kinda day! Oh, maybe we will go outside for a little while...the sun is shining bright! Hope everyone enjoys their Easter!

More Easter pictures here!

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