Friday, March 14, 2008

The Other Left

Scene: Coming home from dinner tonight (great Thai dinner...awesome! Leda loved all the fruit and the know, it's weird to see a kid destroy the plate for all the fruit and the bean sprouts and THEN eat the shrimp. It's even weirder to know it's your kid!). We need to make a left onto our street, then a right into our driveway.

Brock: Leda, which way do we turn (the left onto our street)
Leda: That way.
Brock: Which way is that?
Leda: Ah....LEFT!
Parents: Very Good!
Brock: Now, which way into the house? (the right into our driveway)
Leda: Ah...LEFT!
Brock: No, which way is our house?
Leda: Ah....the other left! (said with all the confidence that she was absolutely correct!)

That's my girl!

Actually, Brock has done a pretty good job of teaching Leda directions (left and right, that is). Most of the time, I'd say about 80% of the time, she gets it right. She definitely points the correct directions out! Yep, he'll make a navigator of her yet!

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