Thursday, July 7, 2005

10 weeks of Parenthood

Leda turned 10 weeks this past Monday...I have to say, I have experienced things in the past 10 weeks that I never dreamed I would experience...and I like it! (not sure which scares me more, the things I've experienced, or the liking it part!)

She's such a great baby. She's so cute and when she smiles, it's enough to melt your heart! She barely cries (although, when she does, she makes sure that everyone in a 5 mile radius knows she's not happy). She started sleeping through the night about 3 weeks ago...8-9 hours a night...WOOO HOOO! She really wants to be upright now, always wanting to sit up or stand's like she has somewhere to go and she's got to go NOW!

She's had a busy three weeks...She attended Aunt Stacey's wedding, met her cousins, Sarah and Scott, and the rest of the Yates family (Aunt Claire and Uncle Bobby, Uncle Daniel and Grandpa and Nana!). We went to the Pocono's this past weekend and went on a boat ride with John and Jennifer and Paige! Leda got her first official government paperwork filled out this week (we applied for her passport)! And, our first round of vaccinations were administered yesterday (we didn't like that all that much!)

In the past 10 weeks, we gained almost 5 pounds (we are currently 13lbs 12ozs) and about 3-4 inches (it's hard to measure a baby...she's about 24 inches!!). We've started laughing, grasping for things, and boy, do we like to talk (go figure, look at who her parents are! The kid was doomed from the start!!)

It's amazing how much she's changed in a short time. I hate to think of the things I might miss, since I go back to work on Monday. Spending every moment with her over the past 10 weeks was a great experience, and although I am looking forward to doing something other than hanging out and watching TV, I am not looking forward to spending 8 hours a day away from Leda! If I could figure out a way to combine work and Leda, I would!

Parenthood is an interesting experience...I kinda like it so far! ;-)

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