Monday, July 25, 2005

Three Months!

Leda is 3 months old today! Wow!

She's truly a delight. She smiles, and laughs, and talks...oh, boy, does she talk (seriously, with parents like us, did you expect anything less???). She's started to use her hands to pick things up (sorta! Sometimes, she doesn't quite make the target, but she's trying!!). And, drum roll please, she has started to roll over this past week! She hasn't gone from her back to her stomach yet, but she can lie on her side by herself!

She's not always sunshine and flowers! Occasionally we get to deal with Baby Hyde...she'll be smiling one second, and the next - oh, baby, watch out! The neighbors probably wonder what we are doing to the child! In fact, I do believe that the last two times she's had a complete melt down, she did so when it was cool enough outside to have the windows open so the neighbors get to hear EVERYTHING! Most of the time, we believe, this is because she's tired...we've tried all the other possibilities, and this is the only one she responds to: SLEEP! Of course, Brock thinks she's mad at us because we won't let her watch TV! ;-)

She loves to stand up...we are thinking she may go right to walking when she can. We are beginning to think that she's working up to making a break for it...and Duff may go with her too! I swear, occasionally, that the two of them are conspiring against us!

Three months ago...




Wow! I can't believe we did that!

A few days ago...

Yeah, I'm cute!

Isn't she the cutest? That smile can melt your heart! Wouldn't you promise the world to that smile? This kid's already got a porche, Daddy's credit cards, and a summer trip to Europe promised to her! Of course, that's what we promised her the last time she had a crying fit...don't ask what she gets for smiling like that! ;-)

Oh, and for those family members who are wondering if we were going to record her height on special occasions...yes, we have begun with her 3rd month time you head to use our rest room, look to your left (down, and to your left...will be a few years before you won't have to look down!).

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