Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Missing My Baby

I've been missing my baby and her daddy for the past couple of days. They headed up to spend some time with Grandpa and Nana and I had to stay home and work. It's been quiet around here!

Thank goodness they come home tomorrow!

The kid is growing up fast. The past month she has started signing her name to everything. If she finds a pen and paper lying around, she signs her name. In fact, when we had to make 14 valentines cards for her preschool friends, she signed every single one! Wow. Blows me away! She was just a baby not too long ago!

Each day they have called me. Leda has been talking to me on the phone - not just hello and thank you very much but I have things to do, but really talking to me. Telling me what they have been doing. Telling on Daddy!

Yeah, so she calls me this afternoon - they spent the afternoon with Nana Rose and went to a kid's museum in the Rochester area. She gets me on the phone and she says, "Mommy, I have something to tell you," and I say sure, go ahead, and she says, "Daddy smoked a cigarette in the car!" And boy was she mad. She knows Daddy isn't allowed to smoke in the car. And I told her we would give him a time-out when they got home! Brock goes on to elaborate that he didn't smoke it for long, had the window down but she yelled at him and gave him so much grief, he threw it out. Good for my kid! Daddy ain't getting away with anything anymore! ;-)

Anyway, I'm missing my baby. Missing my family. Duff and I will be very happy to see them when they get home!

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