Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sing With Me

Last night, on our way home from shopping (after ice skating lessons and dinner with Daddy), I had the radio on to the local classic rock station and Pure Prairie League's "Amie" came on. This is one of Brock's favorite songs, one which I have on the iPod and is part of a playlist entitled "Leda's Songs" because it also has the "UgaUga" song on it (also known as "Hooked On A Feeling"). So it's a familiar song!

So, driving home, I'm singing along with the radio, as I am apt to do and at some point, I realize, I'm not the only one singing. Leda's singing along with the chorus. And not just humming, actually singing the words!

In fact, when we got home, I had her go sing the chorus to Brock and she sang it just perfect!

Awesome. I'm breaking out the U2 and Rolling Stones!

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