Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Tonight was the start of Leda's ice skating lessons.

There were several kids at her level or lower (meaning they've been on the ice once or never) and then there were several kids at a higher level (meaning that they were 3 feet-tall rockets on the ice...geez!) Leda wasn't going on the ice without me so I asked and the teacher said that was fine, so I went out with her. Basically tonight was learning to 'walk' on the ice and if you fall, how to get up on your feet again.

Leda did well at the 'walking' although she spent the second half of the session hanging on to me more than doing it herself. She was doing great until she had fallen for the umpteenth time...the one time she fell and it hurt! She was fine, no damage, just a little scare, that, oh, maybe if I don't do this right, I might get hurt. There was more hanging on after that. But she did really good for the first 20 minutes. Then, her attention was all over the place, especially with the candy and the toy coin machines! And, when can I get one of those?

We got ourselves off the ice for a few minutes, to re-group. I asked if she was having fun (for like the billionth time) but this time, instead of nodding, she replied "No!" I asked her why. "I don't like to fall." Oh, big lesson here...if you learn how to skate properly, then you won't fall! "Mommy, when can I get some candy." Lesson apparently over.

I did get her back out on the ice for the rest of the 30 minute class. I wanted to make sure she wasn't giving up just because she had fallen. After a few more minutes, we got off the ice and then she got her toy. And then we packed it up and headed on home.

We discussed the class on the way home and I kept telling her we would be heading back next week for the next class. She seemed to understand, but then she might have been too busy thinking about her toy or the dinner we were about to get! I'm thinking that this might end up being her first lesson in economics when I have to 'force' her back out onto the ice next week because, "Mommy paid money for this, Leda. You are GOING to learn how to skate whether you like it or not!"

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