Monday, July 17, 2006

Leda found her Groove AND her belly button...all in one weekend!

(This post is probably going to totally ruin any thought any of you might have had that I am cool. Oh well! Such is life!)

Leda is a dancer. She loves the music. This is a kid who doesn't watch tv, but man, if you turn the weatherscan channel on, you know the one, the one that plays funky elevator music while displaying the current conditions in your area? Yeah, that one. Turn it on and my child immediately drops everything she is doing and starts dancing. Yes, dancing. She even turns to look at the tv, like she was just checking to make sure it was the channel she thought it was, yep, that's that funky music channel, turn it up, Mom!

I have video, but Google will take a day or two to load it, so check the other site later in the week!

Brock was off working this weekend, so Leda and I, we spent most of Saturday watching and dancing to the weatherscan channel. And, testing out if the music channels on the tv get the same reaction...not as much, but she likes them, too.

And, the dancing has taken on a new look. Instead of the jumping around she used to do, now she puts a little shoulder into it! We went over to the Durham's Saturday night for some dinner and a dip in the pool and Leda broke out her Axl Rose impersonation...she looked like she was dancing to "Welcome to the Jungle" instead of some country song that was actually playing. I have no clue where she gets that from (the kid starts to 'bang her head' and I will need therapy!)

This is where my reputation for being 'cool' is going down the toilet...

So, Leda and I are on our way home and I am playing some CD. It's fun music. It reminds me of childhood...okay, so it is, like, Barry Manilow 'Live.' Okay, there, I admit it. I listen to Barry Manilow and I like it. (it is the only Barry Manilow album I own, I swear, not including the one he produced for Bette Midler - I own a LOT more rock albums than I do Barry Manilow albums, so my quotient for cool is still pretty high! Hey, look, my child, she likes the elevator music they play on the weatherscan channel. Even Barry is cooler than that!)

Anyway, so, 'Daybreak' comes on and Leda and I are clapping and swaying (actually, Leda's swaying and clapping...I am driving) and Leda is just laughing her butt off, enjoying herself dancing in her car seat. Yes, at first, I thought she might actually be laughing her butt off at me, but I looked again, and she was actually enjoying the music! So there!

Anyway, we had a blast coming home from the Durhams, listening to Barry and just having ourselves a ball, dancing all the way home. And, yes, I sang! Yes, I know all the words. I'm not proud!

On Sunday, I showed Leda her belly button. And my belly button. And when Daddy came home, his belly button. Now, you ask her where her belly button is and she lifts her shirt and points at it and laughs. Ask her where my belly button or Daddy's belly button is, our shirts get lifted up and our belly button's pointed out with a laugh. She would not, however, show Steve (our friend and my boss) her belly button this morning - at least she has the good sense not to go showing her belly button to just anyone (I am sure that won't last for long!)

I took this picture last Thursday - Leda put her baseball hat on like this herself - after I took this picture, Brock and I looked at it and thought she looked, just from the pose, like the Shier's oldest, Suzy. She sure is darn cute, ain't she?

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