Monday, July 24, 2006

The title that wasn't...

I just can't think of a good title for this post. Tried, just couldn't do it.

Well, let's see, what a weekend. We headed to the Poconos on Saturday to spend some time with the Durhams (yes, that would make it FOUR weekends in a row!) and the Gabbs and Shiers. The Gabbs and Shiers were sans kids as the four of them were heading to the NASCAR race on Sunday. The Durhams and Yates were with children, as they were NOT going to the race.

It rained like crazy on the way up to the Poconos. The Durhams had headed over to the track to watch practice, so when we got up there, there was no one at the house. We hung out, had a little lunch and waited for them to get back, which they did pretty soon after we had arrived, as there was no practice on Saturday due to the torrential downpours! We were watching a little coverage on the TV and they had tires floating around in the pits! Anyway, off to do a little shopping for dinner, the kids played with each other, the Gabbs and Shiers arrived and the party began. Mind you, not like the parties had in 'olden' times, but a fun time non-the-less.

A great steak dinner was had by all, the kids played with the bubbles from the bubble machine (see below and be prepared for a pretty funny video of Leda trying to catch bubbles later in the week). We all took a walk down to the lake after dinner and Leda went in face first, got up laughing and fell in back first, got up laughing and soaking wet (believe there might be pictures from someone later this week, will get back to you on that!) So, we headed home, got ready for bed. The kids went down to sleep and about an hour or so later, the adults followed! Boy, the parties start earlier now and so does bedtime for all of us!



The Gabbs and Shiers headed off to the race after a good egg and bacon breakfast (with a few donuts thrown in for good measure) made by Brock and the Yates and Durhams did NOTHING for several hours after! About 1ish or so, we headed down to the lake. It was a beautiful day, but a little cool, with a breeze, so swimming was a bit chilly! Leda had a great time playing with the sand and another little boy and girl that were on the beach, and Paige loved the playground set! We didn't stay for long as it was chilly, so back to the house to watch a little bit of the race before we headed home.

Too busy playing with sand to look at the camera

And yes, I did get to see a little of 'le tour.' I got to watch Floyd finish off the rest of the challengers on Saturday during the time trial and stand on the podium in Paris. What an amazing rider. I hope he gets to come back and try it again. We'll see how that hip is after it's been replaced.

It was a nice weekend. Too short, but nice. At least the weather was nice. After the week we had had weather wise, it was a nice change!

Today it was back to work. Brock and I are off to see the Dixie Chicks tomorrow night, and then I have to get up at the ungodly hour of O'dark-thirty on Wed to head to north Jersey with my bosses for a sales meeting. Yeah, how dare they schedule work that early the night after a concert. The nerve! ;-)

I am so looking forward to the coming weekend! ;-)

One last picture - Duff watching tv and Leda watching him watch tv...and yes, those would be Tellitubbies on the TV...Duff was trying to catch the little rabbits that hop around during the show. Yes, I have a dog that watches TV and a child that doesn't. How weird is that??
Watching TV

As always, click on any picture and it will take you to Flickr, where you can find more from the weekend!

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