Monday, July 10, 2006

Odds and ends...

Some things I forgot to mention in my post about our week on vacation.

1. Leda developed a fixation on one of Paige's doll babies. This was one of those dolls with the rubbery head and the stuffed know, the ones with the head that looks real, but the body that is like a stuffed animal..except for the hands and/or feet, which are of the same substance of the head. (that description took all the fun out of doll babies, I do believe).

Anyway, Leda wanted that doll baby in the worst way whenever she saw it. And it wasn't just because Paige was playing with it either. Paige was playing with other doll babies, I just assumed that Leda was mimicking her. Whatever the reason, I went out to the 5 and Dime (and no, nothing costs a five or a dime - or even 15 cents...everything is much more than that!) and bought Leda a doll similar to the one Paige had. Except it was smaller. And not exactly like the one Paige had. Leda carried it around, but if she saw Paige's doll...well, the 5 and Dime doll got left behind a lot!

So, I figured, when we got home, I would go out and get Leda a doll more like the one Paige had. So I did - it's not EXACTLY like the one Paige had...this one has ARMS and LEGS made of the same substance as the head. But it's the same size. She does play with it, but not like she did with the one last week. I wonder if she was just copying Paige. How interesting, huh?

2. Leda's "baby talk" is really starting to sound like a language...a language that Brock and I will never pick up because we are just too darn old to learn anything new and we will never be able to communicate with our child because she has developed a new language and has decided not to learn ours (I mean, why should she? We aren't going to learn hers, geez!)

We do think that she is trying hard to communicate. We think she actually is saying down or done when she completes her meals. Of couse, there's 'do' and 'duh', both of which she uses when she points to Duff. And, she uses them when she points at other dogs, too, so we are pretty sure she's trying to say dog (or Duff). She does say 'da', but I don't think she has yet equated it with a name for her daddy. And, the ungrateful kid, still hasn't said 'mama'.

3. Leda is eating like an elephant. I mean the kid is putting it away! She is eithering going through a growth spurt or something ....she definitely has put on some weight in the past month or so. We are pretty sure she's grown about an inch since her birthday.

We didn't really try a whole lot of new food over the week we were down the shore. I gave her blueberries for the first time and BOY did she love those! I think she ate the whole container of blueberries in like three days by herself (rationed, of course, by me). She got to have fig newtons as snacks, but she had tried a fig newton before this week. She just ate REALLY well. We are hoping that she continues to eat so well, as we know that she is approaching that age when kids just stop eating altogether (except for the junk!)

4. Leda has no interest in TV other than to press the buttons on one (or the remote). Well, not exactly true...she did seem interested when there was music playing in the shows that were on...she would dance. Let me explain...

The TV where we were staying is on the's one of those older cabinet models. So, Leda had full access to the button that turned the TV on and off, and the channel buttons that, obviously, changed the channel off of channel 3 that was necessary for the cable, vcr and dvd to work. Paige would be watching Dora the Explorer ("We did it, We did it!") and Leda would walk right up to the TV and turn it off! Yes, it ticked Paige off to no end! (it was kinda cute though...especially when Barney was on for about 2 seconds and Leda just got up from where she was, walked over to the TV and without ceremony, turned off Barney...Good Kid! She got a cookie for that! ;-) hehehe)

But, except for the occasional glance, she really didn't seem that interested. I guess depriving our kid of TV worked, she doesn't need or want it.

Of course, now, I am kinda wondering if we will be able to get the kid to watch a little TV when we want her to so we can have a little peace and quiet! I think we doomed ourselves!

I have a few other odds and ends I have been thinking I should post before I forget them, and I will do that, as soon as I remember what they were! ;-)

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