Thursday, July 20, 2006

Well, Just Goes to Show.... should never count a man down.

Wow. Pretty much the only thing I could say for about 10 minutes after watching the most exciting Tour de France stage ever. Not even a Lance Armstrong stage win compared to this.

Floyd Landis, who yesterday fell over 8 minutes out of the overall lead (and, let me tell ya, folks, in this race, that's like three years out of first place, especially with only three more stages to go, and the last one usually doesn't count - it's the Champagne stage) came back today and won the stage. Not only did he win the stage, he is only 30 seconds off the lead. 30 seconds! He's in third, but the two guys in 1st and 2nd he beat by over a minute 30 in the previous individual time trial. It's all coming down to Saturday's time trial. Landis beats those guys by 31 seconds or more, he's in yellow in Paris on Sunday.

Yes, I watched the race today. I only watched the last 20 minutes (I took an early lunch!)...I had been keeping track of what was happening online. What a race. It really was exciting.

Heard Landis traded some spectator his yellow jersey yesterday for a six-pack of beer after his horrible stage run. Maybe he should drink some more beer tonight! ;-)

Guess we all know who I am rooting for again! ;-)

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