Friday, December 30, 2005

End of 2005

Wow, has 2005 been a good year or what?

We started off the year anticipating the birth of Leda, and end the year wondering what we are in store for now that she can almost walk, is crawling at break-neck speed and thinks she is talking! We went from a bump in the tummy to a little girl who seems to have learned to smile slyly at us! (Okay, who taught her that??)

What a difference 12 months makes!

I know, I forgot (well, didn't forget so much as I just didn't have time) to do the Eight Month post. This sorta makes up for that. I feel, now that it's 5 days past, it's a little late now! I'll make up for it in the Nine Month post!

Leda has been very interesting this week! Starting with Christmas (when we tried scrambled eggs for the first time and we found the ONE thing that she would finally spit out at us!) and all the furniture surfing she's doing, and all the new things she's tried this week. Besides the eggs, we've tried chocolate chip cookies (without the chocolate - BOY, I see a LOT of chocolate chip cookies in SOMEONE's future!), we tried a VERY little piece of Godiva chocolate (Only the best for my child! Oh, yeah, see a LOT of Godiva chocolate in SOMEONE's future, too!), we tried split seconds that Mommy made (we had to have a taste of something our Great Mom-Mom made - we liked it!), we even had a taste of chocolate shake and Arby's curly fries!! So far, the only thing we didn't like was the eggs...everything else, we could have had MORE!!

She's had fun playing with ALL her new toys! Our living room looks like a ToysRUs exploded in it! Thus, we have begun talking and planning the remodeling of our basement to allow for a more entertaining area and a place for Leda to play! Check back often, I am sure we will be blogging our adventures! I don't know if there's a favorite or not, yet, but she really seems to like the toy that Great-Grandmom Rose got her - it's one of those toys that you press down on the button at the top and the more you do, the faster the little people inside go around and around...yeah, I don't know what it's called (I am sure it was on the outside of the box, but we threw that out!) Anyway, she seems to like it...she's even pressed down on the button like she has seen us do!

Alas, the toys must be cleaned up, and all the christmas presents need to be put away...we need to get ready for the Annual Yates' New Year's Eve party! Yep, we are doing it again this year...this should be pretty darn interesting! Considering we think there might be more kids at this party than adults, and Leda may or may not go to bed until 2006! Not sure what the first day of 2006 might have in store for us. But we will have fun, spending the last night of 2005 as we have every year for the past 7 (WOW!!), with our wonderful friends! We will spend most of the night doing our Indian Polyanna gift giving, ring in the New Year with a little champagne (hehe) and eat a wonderful breakfast prepared painstakingly by Brock! It will be wonderful!

Unless I get real bored over the next day and a half, don't expect another post until probably Monday! (unless I find the time to do it Sunday!) Have a WONDERFUL last couple of hours of 2005 and here's to 2006...can't wait to see what the New Year brings!

All our best to all of you! Happy New Year!

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