Monday, December 12, 2005

On the Move

We spend a lot of time these days watching that Leda doesn't fall down and smack her head on the ground!

She is constantly wanting to be standing up. She has barely started to crawl - she crawls around military style (like she's crawling under barb wire! on her stomach, like it hurts her knees to use them!) What she really likes is to stand...and then try to bend over to pick something up! Lots of fun!

Last weekend, I went in to check on her during a wasn't quite time for her to be awake, and I hadn't really heard anything on the monitor...just a little rustling around, not a lot and no talking. So I figured, I'll go check on her. What I saw when I opened the door...
Mommy, I'm awake!
Yeah, Boy am I happy I insisted to Brock several weeks ago that we lower the mattress one rung...if we hadn't she would have been able to topple out! I am thinking we need to go one more...yes, she more than likely won't be able to fall out right now, but, she's a resourceful little kid! She'll make a deal with Dela and some how end up on the floor...I am sure! (I'm tellin' ya, the kid and the cat are conspiring against us!)

Anyway, I really think she wants to walk. She loves getting in her Jeep...she can push it all around the kitchen and attack our ankles with it! She LOVES it! I noticed, however, that she uses her tippy toes to push it around. Then, I noticed when we hold her hands and she proceeds to walk forward, she does it on her tippy toes. Might making walking a challenge for her...and lots of entertainment for the adults in the house! ;-)

At any rate, she wants to be up on her feet. She is even furniture surfing a little...she can go between the couch and the chair...even without our assistance...we are just there in case! And, she loves it. I figure we are a good month (more than likely two) away from any true walking (of course, I could be COMPLETELY wrong about that...I mean, we thought two teeth at 4 months were great, but, come on, she's not going to have too many more before she's closer to a year...and, here we are, 5 more teeth later!) Besides, it's like she's trying to get moving so she can get away from these crazy people who won't let me do what I wanna do...I mean, what's so wrong about wanting to eat the phone, remote, dog? Huh?

She's got such a personality now. It's just interesting how different she is from the first month or two to now. She's definitely got a attitude...and, for the most part, it's a pretty agreeable attitude (thank goodness!). She does, however, make her disagreement with us well known...put her down and go get your dinner and DARE to leave her alone for two minutes, you will know, the neighbors will know, and, it's possible, the rest of the town will know. The kid, she does have a set of lungs on her!

(and, let me clarify "alone" so that we don't have social services knocking on our door...she gets put into her exersaucer, away from all implements of destruction, and in full view of the kitchen, when we are plating our food. She's alone for all of about two minutes. Of course, to hear her, you'd think we left the house, went down to the local bar for several drinks and didn't even leave the heat on for her!)

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