Sunday, December 25, 2005


Merry Christmas to all!

Yesterday for Christmas Eve, Leda got all dressed up and had a picture done with Mommy...
Leda and Mommy!
We spent yesterday afternoon with Leda's Aunt Rachel, Uncle Wayne, Granddad and Fay and her cousin's Caelan and Tristan for some Christmas Eve was lots of fun and Leda found LOTS of trucks to play with (they weren't hers, but, whatever! ;-) She also got some neat gifts of her own! Her first Christmas gifts!
Granddad reading Leda a book
We came home and spent a few minutes over at our neighbors, the McCartheys and Leda got some presents from their kids! She got to stay up until 10 o'clock and then she had to go to sleep so Santa could come!!
Cool, Daddy, did you see all the stuff????
At 7 this morning, rise and shine...time to open presents! First we had a little breakfast...because today we turned 8 months old, we got to try scrambled eggs for the first time...and, for the first time, we spit something out! Apparently, scrambled eggs suck! But we liked the Apple Juice!!
Playing with Grandma Sally's Bowl!
On to the record time (well, actually it took about an hour and a half or so), we opened ALL the presents from ALL the family! We LOVED everything, especially the pretty paper, the pretty ribbons, and the BOXES WERE THE BEST!!! Thank you everyone!
More Paper? Wow!
(Mommy and Daddy enjoyed all the stuff that came in the pretty paper, ribbon and boxes...thank you sooooo much!)

The Carnage AFTER the opening of gifts....
The Christmas Carnage
MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! We hope your's was as good as ours! Love to all!
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